5 effective steps to easing fear in children who have dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is an issue many people have. It is even more common in children. According to research, this form of phobia is affecting millions of children in Australia. And in many cases, it prevents them from getting the care needed to maintain a clean and healthy set of teeth. Click here https://gordondental.com.au/




Fortunately, there is always a way to ease the fear. For your child, you can take them to a clinic that many families trust, such as the one you will find here:https://gordondental.com.au/. And, there are steps that you can take before going.

1. Notify them about the dental visit in advance.

Remember how you like predictability when you were still young? Remember how reassuring it is that things will be okay at the end of the day? Well, it is the same with your child.

Tell them in advance that you will be taking them to a dental visit and everything will be okay. Waiting for the last moment to tell your child about where you are going will just cause anxiety.

2. Schedule a pre-appointment meeting with the dentist.

A quick meeting with the dentist just to introduce them to your child will go a long way towards easing their fear or anxiety. In a way, it gives your child a chance to know the dentist and the clinic’s staff, as well as get familiar with the environment. On the other hand, it also allows the dentist to know your child and build rapport.

3. Use positive reinforcement.

Using positive reinforcement is really effective for many things, and using it to make your child willing to go to a dental clinic, such as the one at https://gordondental.com.au/, is no exception.

So, give your child something to look forward to after the visit. For example, you can promise them something really good if they behave well at the clinic. Avoid reprimanding them, as it will just worsen their fear or even lessen their trust in you. Visit at Gordon Dental

4. Maintain a positive attitude.

As you use positive reinforcement, you should also maintain a positive attitude in persuading your child to see the dentist. If they keep asking you a lot of questions, answer them properly and make your answers as simple as possible.

5. Simulate a dental visit.

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” And, this is also pretty helpful in preparing your child for a dental visit. So, try to simulate the appointment at home before you go.

Take your child to Gordon Dental

For a child who is scared of the dentist, you should address their fear and anxiety as soon as you can. You should make them understand that dentists are there to help, and not harm. By doing so, you may even reach a point where they will actually enjoy dentist visits.

Also, you should take them to a dentist who has extensive experience in treating children. In a way, they should have a great understanding of how children behave in the clinic and know the ways to make the experience fun, instead of stressful, for them.

On that note, you can check out Gordon Dental. They are a family-based dental clinic with a long tradition of providing services to clients in North Shore, Gordon, Sydney, New South Wales. Also, they are known for having a pain-free environment that places patient’s welfare first amongst other things. Thus, they are the perfect clinic to visit for paediatric dental services.